Student work

I have been teaching international students for 25 years. They inspire me; they are my pride and joy.

This gallery contains projects that my students have completed while studying with me. The gallery ranges from beginning to advanced studies, all of which focuses on a variety of visual assignments, ideas and concepts from making Double Exposures, doing Night Photography, Documentary studies such as creating a Visual Diary, a Self as Subject, Self as Exploration narrative, to working with alternative processes such as Van Dyke Brown, Liquid Emulsion and Cyano Types.

My philosophy in teaching is based on the idea of creating a community in the classroom. I am a teacher and as a teacher I am a student. In the classroom I combine elements where each student has a voice and their ideas and contributions create and atmosphere of “each one teach one”. That is to say, each student brings their own uniqueness to the classroom that is supported and respected for their endeavors in taking responsibility for their creativity to flourish and shine in the light of their lives as photographers and artists.