I am an alchemist. I turn metals into gold. My influences range from the Daguerreotypists of the 19th century such as James Presley Ball and Augustus Washington who lived and worked in their communities as African-American photographers and abolitionists. Both Ball and Washington photographed John Brown and Frederick Douglas. They have given us visual mementos of who came before and their importance in history. The Documentary Photographers of the Farm Security Administration mainly John Collier, Jr. and Gordon Parks, along with street photographer Garry Winograd and the experimental work of Albert Chong to the political photographs of Barbara Kruger, who asks us to question the consumer society in which we live have influenced my vision and where it has taken me the last 37 years of my career. I am obsessed with making photographs. It is my life’s passion! I come from a Southern Italian immigrant community in North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Italian cultures from Campagina, Basilicata and Calabria have different aspects of food, language and customs. We are a mixture of peoples from the African and Greek Diaspora. My ancestor’s originate from North Africa. My world was strictly visual as a child. My home was a place where I spent my time observing my environment through the first visual lenses I knew: my eyes. I have always been fascinated by the visual communications of how and why we place objects in the home and the importance of them. Thus, each table and room that had photographs in them became symbolic, an altar, a visual story. My career spans four decades. I explore the many different realms of photography by experimenting with Double Exposures, Liquid Emulsion, Plastic Camera’s, Cyanotypes, Van Dkye Brown, digital negatives, various film types, printing on cloth, wood, watercolor and silver gelatin paper. The Photographic Art world refers to me as a “Documentary Photographer” but I am much more than that. I am Portraitist, a Documentary Photographer, a Street Photographer, an Experimental Photographer, and a Political Photographer. I have great pride in my work! I am exploring the world with my eyes fully open waiting for it to show me its beauty, sorrow, pain, love, confusion, joy and triumphs. I learn by engaging in the world around me. It gives me a great understanding of others and myself. Each time I pick up my camera and press the shutter button and make a photograph, I discover new possibilities of magic. Magic exists in all of our lives. I invite you to look for the magic in your life! Go out into the world and make photographs that speak from your heart. All photographs on my website are for sale. Contact me for pricing details.